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Service Tips 1 - Dashboard Indicators

Understanding Your Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)

  • If the MIL remains illuminated, or comes on while driving, it indicates a potential malfunction within the emission monitoring and control system. Generally. there is no immediate concern for the driver safety.
  • If the MIL blinks or flashes while driving, this indicates a rather severe level of engine misfire. When this occurs, reduce speed and seek service as soon as possible. Severe engine misfire (even for a short period of time) can seriously damage emission control system components, especially the catalytic converter.


Service Tips 2 - Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure Monitoring System


If a tire is significantly under inflated, you will see the following symbol Illuminated in the gauge cluster.

  • The recommended tire pressure is printed on a sticker inside the driver door jamb.
  • Check the tire pressure and ensure that tires are properly inflated - adding air, if needed.
  • To set the TPMS system, push the button labeled SET (located In the glovebox) for a couple of seconds. You will hear a chime to let you know it has been set. - 2012 or later


Service Tips 3 - Bluetooth Connection

Connection your bluetooth equipped cell phone

  • Make sure the vehicle is stationary.
  • Make sure your cell phone is Bluetooth-enabled.
  • Turn on the ignition. The Bluetoooth feature goes on into "discovery" mode for five minutes. NOTE: If you are trying to start the pairing process after the Bluetooth feature has finished its 'discovery' mode: Press the Bluetooth button (A) on the center console over your head to make the vehicle visible to your phone (car most be stationary).
  • From your Bluetooth menu on your phone, search for new devices. Your Cell phone should offer a list of devices for you to choose from. Select the device "VW Phone.
  • Enter the PIN "0000" in your phone. Your phone should be connected to the Bluetooth system. NOTE: To allow Bluetooth to reconnect automatically each time you enter your car, be sure to set VW Phone as a "trusted device" on your phone (this varies from phone to phone and may not be necessary on your device).

To make and accept call with BlueTooth

  • To make a call, use your phone as normal. You can converse through the vehicle's audio system. The Bluetooth connection is activated when you turn on the ignition.

To answer and incoming call

  • Press the appropriate button on your cell phone OR..
  • The phone button (B) on the three-button module on the center console over your head OR...
  • The phone button (C) the multi-function steering wheel.